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Commercial model - Nylon

Commercial Model

  1. Designed for a quick hitching and quick adjustements
  2. Priority: reduce friction
  3. Long neckpiece with trace hook
  4. Breastplate with sown traces
  5. Padded saddle (2") with wither gullet
  6. Screwed in Padding, less expensive to change or several different thicness that you can change yourself
  7. Tug loops with long buckle for easier adjustement
  8. Large neoprene cinch
  9. Padded back strap to support the manure bag
  10. Breeching straps lined with fake leather to avoid friction
  11. Bridle with padded crown down to the bit
  12. Molded crown with clearance for the ears
  13. Bridle with no browband for thick forelocks
  14. Swivel throat latch
  15. Possibilities to add hames

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