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Sport Harness - Classic Model - Granite

Sport Harness - Classic Model - Horse: 800-1200 lbs - Granite


  • Double Ply Traces with D (Slot attachment is an option) attach with buckle or "Quick Release" as an option
  • Curved breastplate
  • Straight Neck Piece
  • Adjustable line drops
  • Saddle with long padding and tuck loop for tug loops
  • Shaped and padded girth + overgirth
  • Shaped false martingale
  • Back strap with elastics
  • Neoprene crupper
  • Breecking strap with reverse "Y" Model
  • Hold backs
  • Tug loops lined in leather with quick release buckles
  • Straigth bridle crown
  • Throat latch
  • Gullet Strap
  • Padded noseband with 2 buckles adjustment
  • Straight browband
  • Vinyl Lines
  • Buckles hardware

Can be done in black or brown granite or a combination of both at no extra cost.

Cordon de couleur

Color trim is an option and comes in 19 different colors. You can pick and choose where you would want the color trim.

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