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Offre d'emploi

Offre d'emploi

Job Offer


Our Driving Center is looking for someone filled with enthusiasm and equestrian passion to add to our team.

We have a property that houses between 20 and 40 horses over the course of a year. Équin-Star owns between 10 and 15 KWPN Dutch Harness Horses depending on sales and foaling period. We also have the custody and care of Émilie Clydesdale breeding horses which has between 9 and 15 horses depending on the time of year.

We also offer breeding services for the period between February and October, during this period many horses come and go for a short or long term.

Typical tasks to perform:

Feed the horses:
All the horses here are fed between 2 and 5 times a day depending on the time of year and their maintenance schedule.

Clean the stalls
The stalls are cleaned every morning and you will have on average between 10 and 20 stalls to care for but often the new horses or the problematic ones will be done by us to avoid any risks.

Take care of the cleanliness of the premises and equipment.
We often have visitors or customers on site and we like to have a clean place. All equipment is always cleaned after each training session. Also, on occasion the paddocks or lawn care can be part of your tasks.

Take care of the comfort and well-being of the horses.
For the well-being of our horses, it is essential for us to always monitor their state of health. We also have the Bemer blanket that we use regularly on our horses and before each training session.

Turn-out of all horses including mares, foals, and stallions.
All our horses go outside as often as possible, in large pastures, in small groups, except during very hot weather, rain or very cold weather.

Assist in the handling of horses for breeding division.
For the reproduction division, you may be asked to handle mares, foals, or stallions to help us be more efficient and safer.

Assist in the training of the driving horses.
We are combined driving competitors, so you will oversee the preparation of the horses before their training and helping so that everything runs smoothly.

Assist in the development of young horses.
Our foals and young horses are handled as much as possible to make them exemplary and well adapted horses in preparation for their sale. This aspect will be part of your regular schedule.

Depending on where the horses are in their training or their needs, you will be asked to lunge or do ground work, to advance their training.

Riding horses in a dressage.
Most of our competition horses have been broken under saddle. Many of them will need to be ridden to keep them in good condition or improve their performance. All according to your skills.

Help as a groom during competitions
When all the planets are aligned, we will go out several times a year with our horses and you will be the person who will follow the team during these outings. We do very few competitions in the summer, given the busy schedule of the breeding season.

If the development of the horses is adequate, competitions become the priority for the stable, starting in August. Expected competition locations are: Vermont, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida.

Here is the typical flow of a day that we would like to implement:

  • Morning would be dedicated to feeding, care, cleaning of boxes and premise, turn-out.
  • The afternoon would be allocated to working the young horses, riding some horses if your skills allow it, preparing our driving horses and training with us.
  • Depending on what has been accomplished during the day, and once the indoor arena is finished, some horses may be worked or otherwise, “beauty sessions” (manes, braiding, etc.) for a few.

It is possible for us to offer you accommodation directly on the premises to facilitate your work and make your schedule even more pleasant.

We are in no hurry but more looking for the right person to help us offer improve the quality and training of our horses and offer you the environment to develop your talent in the equestrian world.

If you think you are the right person our team is missing and that your skills will allow us to advance our breeding, contact us via email (info@harnaisduquebec.com) by sending us a letter of introduction as well as your experiences.
If the profile interests us, we will contact you and the salary can be discussed. This one will be according to your experience.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

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