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KWPN - Atleet - Semence congelée


Née en 2005
Père= Patijn
Mère= Sintia x Waterman


semence congelé uniquement
Prix 1500$ US/bridage de 3 doses sans garantie

Atleet is a quality full stallion that is developed sufficient. He displays much blood, has quality in the legs and a strong upstairs line.

Sire of Atleet is the pref. stallion Patijn, who has broke through definitive as supplier of show horses. Through the mother, the valuable blood the preferente Waterman added to the stallion stack.

Atleet was the relevation of the performance test of 2008, he has as a harness horse ability, he was also the the top performance of his vintage. Atleet must be able to improve the walk, action and athleticism in the breeding. Atleet showed an uniform, well developed, collection typey foals. Atleetscores every year with his foals at the National Foal, walk there every year several foals in the final. The three years old daughters scored very well on the inspections, they stand out with breed and with a lot of movement. Last year, two and three year old daughters scored high on inspections and several competed in the National Harness. In the top 10 of the 3 year old mares were less than 4 daughters of Atleet, including the champion Gesiena and reserve champion Giantha. From the first crop of Atleet, his son Eebert approved with very high points, as three year Eebert was the stallion Champion. The children of Atleet performing very prominently on the competition fields.

Atleet has performed great in harness in 2010, He earned multiple victories and has won the Stallion Competition. In 2011 Atleet won at the KWPN stallion show in Den Bosch the Oregon Trophy. he made his name!

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