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KWPN - Jonker - Semence congelée


Née en 1991
Père= Renovo
Mère= Dora x Wouter

semence congelée uniquement
Prix 500$ US/dose sans garantie

Jonker – Renovo pref x Dora keur by Wouter keur, bred by W. Dijk, owned by Yoder Hackney Farm

At the end of December the approved KWPN Harness Stallion Jonker died at the age of 22. Jonker, who was born in 1991, was approved for breeding in 1995. He won his performance test with 62 points; Walk 8, Trot 9, Self-Carriage 9, Show Cart 9, Character 9, Stall Behavior 9, Training Report 9.

In Holland, Jonker sired four approved sons Pronkjuweel, Sire, Stuurboord and Torino as well as one one approved grandson Wodka-HBC. He also sired 49 ster mares, 14 keur mares and several well-known competition mares and geldings. Daughter Pauline was the 2003 Harness of the Year and daughter Rosalieni was National Champion Mare in 2001.

Jonker was imported in 2000. In North America imported daughters Tanja (ds. Droomwals) and Trindra H (ds. Cicero) earned their ster predicate and Tidee (ds. Cambridge Cole) the keur predicate. He sired multiple North American bred first premium and Top Fives horses, including Glamorita who was the North American Harness foal in 2011.

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